Are Child Support Laws Equitable And Fair For Both Parents?

Child support! Did you know that child support is determined by the income of non- custodial parent? Yes, I'm sure most of you know that. However, do most of you agree that child support laws are old-fashioned and biased and need to be changed?

If payment of benefits is based on the income of parents without custody, then what happens to the excess money received by foster parents once the child's needs are taken care of? You can also hire best child support lawyer by clicking at: Glen Burnie Child Support Lawyer – Payments & Custody – Spigel Law

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Most parents without custody want accountability for payments received. During the divorce process, both parties are required to present a financial statement describing all their expenses, assets, and income.

Then why should custodian parents not describe the monthly fees of children or children and show that to establish payment support?

The question posed to men and women is should foster parents be responsible for the payment of child support they receive?

The child support law has changed in many states to include the income of both parents, but needs to be changed nationally so that child support is based on the expenditure of each child.

Most parents without custody will then stop avoiding child support and those who are unwilling to pay child support will pay child support because it will be based on children's expenses and needs.

To make child support fair for both parents, this small change can easily be carried out when creating a child support order.