Laser Hair Removal – Everything You Need to Know

A woman with a beard is rarely considered attractive. There is no woman with a mustache, even if it's a mustache. Assuming you don't, what can you do if you are afraid to become a Bearded Woman in a circus, besides removing, whitening and shaving?

Laser hair removal does not claim to permanently remove hair, although when done regularly you may see a reduction in permanent hair. You can also visit to schedule a consultation for hair removal services.

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Unfortunately, extraction, bleaching, and shaving don't really work on body parts that look very much like the face – and don't do clamping or waxing. It might be okay to pull out wild nipple hair occasionally or shave your armpits, but using a razor on a woman's upper lip is NOT the way to go.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal began to be widely available in the mid-1990s. A coffin that is good at finding that lasers can cause damage to parts of the human body, such as skin and hair, by heating certain targets. With regard to hair, the target is melanin, a dark substance in the follicle, which causes hair to grow.

The latest scientific techniques produce lasers which, when properly produced, target the follicles and damage them, but leave the surrounding skin intact. Basically, the follicles are heated and become inflamed, which makes them retreat to the resting phase, and stop growing.