Metal Sculpture Art and Metal Sculpture Art Tips Overview

Metal inert and do not have a life of its own. A sculptor, which is formed of metal, giving shape and meaning – in other words, he gives life.

Metals can be cut, textured, shaped, welded and colored. Using modern fabrication methods, the creativity of an artist is limited only by the imagination. If you are looking for outdoor metal sculpture art then you are at right place.

Metal sculpture is one of the oldest art forms known. While the first sculpture made of stone, after the man learned to use and shape the metal, sculpture with this material soon followed.

While the statues of stone and metal act to totally oppose the process, the end result is, in both cases, a work of art.

The sculptor uses stone begins to block and remove all material that is not part of the image he is trying to make. When everything unnecessary is gone, what remains is the statue.

Abstract Metal Sculpture

When working with metal, the sculptor starts with nothing. He must find a metal that he needs, their form and join them together to form what he wants.

If he is creating a formed metal work of art, it is necessary to make a mold into which molten metal is poured and from which the hard material is cooled to take shape.

Unlike stone sculpture, metal sculpture can be painted and polished to create additional effects. Also, the metal sculpture is not limited to the use of metal only.

The final task of art can have a metal combined with other materials such as wood, rubber, and plastic, to create a variety of effects and meanings.

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