Practical Steps for Soundproofing

Just because you make great music that does not mean you can shatter the ears of your neighbors by playing very loud. Here are some practical steps to soundproof the area or managing workroom.

First, buy a lot of masking tape, rubber cement, and foam rubber pads. Run a vertical strip at the full height of your wall. Note that this vertical strip must be 2-feet apart. You may want to dog-ear them so that you can remove them easily once required. If you need a soundproof booth in your office, then you can click at

You then apply this to the rubber cement vertical strip of masking tape, doing only some distance at a time, because you will not want to cement that is applied to the latter part of the dry band even before you stick the rubber pad.

Next, on the surface of the tape glue, you keep your foam rubber pads, while making sure that you keep them in a horizontal position. Rubber pads you should be enough to fill the entire circumference of the room because you will be doing this until you shut down any walls, windows, and ceilings.

For your floor, you can use many layers of rubber mat or carpet long as you want, especially under the amplifier and drum kit. The point to this is that you do not disturb the people in the room below you.

However, if you are in the basement, you have the choice not to follow certain steps. Additionally, you may want to put your pillow in the bass drum; it will definitely help in keeping the sound to your own practice space.