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Useful Camping Hacks Worth Considering

Camping is an activity which every individual should experience at least once in their lifetime. But there are some folks who do not prefer to leave the comforts of their loving home. These kinds of people usually love to remain in hotels during a trip.

But fortunately, nowadays there are loads of ways by which you may spend some time in the wild without missing the comfort of the house.

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Foam floor tiles:

Have you ever noticed those colored floor tiles in your child’s daycare facility? They create the best floor covering for your tents also. Not only do they protect you from the hard floor but also provide insulation. There are numerous military surplus shops which provide these kinds of camping accessories online.

Space blanket:

The reflective blanket which you have on your emergency survival kit is the ideal way to keep the hot sun off your tent. Spread the blanket on the top of the tent and the reflective surface can help to keep the interior temperature cool and comfy.

Army Tents

Air mattress:

The air mattress, when flattened, gets dispersed up like a foam pad. This provides a far bigger and comfortable place for sleeping.

Holiday lights:

The lights that you use on the Christmas tree can be utilized to lighten up your tents. These are battery operated and offered in a number of colors, shapes and patterns. Hang one or two holiday lights and you’ll have enough light in your tents purchased from army surplus store.

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Clothesline and carabiners:

Everyone has a cell phone, water bottle, wrist watch and similar sort of items they would like to keep close at hand. Rather than placing those in your luggage put them up in a better, safer place. String the clothesline. Attach a carabiner to each item and clip it to the clothesline.

These were some of the camping hacks, but the list continues. You may click this link to read more on it.