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Sports Physiotherapy – Relief For Victims of Whiplash Injury

If you suffer from a neck injury such as whiplash while playing sports, physiotherapy is often the way to full recovery. You can get to know more about sports physiotherapy via searching online.

Sports injuries that involve falls, jerks or blows to the head and damage to the neck can often cause painful whiplash injuries, especially if you play rugby, ice hockey, or martial arts. Stiff or immovable necks, neck pain, back pain, headaches, and muscle spasms can all lead to whiplash injuries after a sports accident.

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Whiplash symptoms can cause considerable pain and discomfort for the recovering player, and while mild symptoms can disappear within 2 to 3 days, the more severe effects can last for several months. It is likely that you will need to take time off during your injury to be treated, and this can be very annoying, especially for professional players and athletes.

Treating Whiplash Injury

In all cases of sports injuries, it is important for players to receive quick treatment, thus minimizing recovery time and getting the player back on their feet as quickly as possible. Because the severity of whiplash injuries varies, so does the nature of the treatment and the duration of rehabilitation.

For minor injuries suffered as a result of whiplash, treatment can immediately speed recovery. The treatment aims to overcome neck pain and stiffness in the neck, allowing damage to the soft tissue around the cervical spine (the upper area around the neck and shoulders) to recover.

But it's a different case if a player suffers from a severe whiplash injury. Fine ligaments may be dislocated or torn, and other soft cervical spine tissues (such as tendons and muscles, and spinal cord and nerves) are severely damaged. Often, with the possibility of a player's career being compromised by debilitating injuries, the best choice for a quick and complete recovery is physiotherapy.