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Responsibilities Of Web A Hosting Company

Web hosting is a service that makes your website visible over the internet. A web hosting company provides you the technologies and services that are needed for your webpage or website to be visited by more people. These service providers host or store your website on servers. These companies also help you to buy a domain if you do not have one.

A good web hosting company like www.profusionwebsolutions.com is able to achieve the demands of your website and fulfill all the requirements to bring more and more customers to your website. In return, the customers provide your website with rating, which ultimately helps in the growth of your company and its profits.

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As a basic expectation, you want your website to be online and running efficiently so that whenever a user visits, it should be able to capture the information. There are many responsibilities of a web hosting company which helps your website to be on the top rank and run smoothly. Some of the basic responsibilities of web hosting companies are listed below.

Monitor servers

Web hosting companies aim to be the best service providers so they continuously monitor the servers. ¬†Usually, they offer server monitoring service with managed web hosting packages. ¬†They perform many other tasks such as scanning event logs, trace and solve the issues related to servers. They use complex monitoring algorithms for servers. They investigate the problems caused by malfunction and rectify them as soon as possible. It is important to choose a hosting provider that operates 24×7.

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Software Installations and updations

They provide necessary software and software licenses for your websites. They also take care of the installation of these softwares. They also test, troubleshoot the issues raised at your end. They also take care of updating the software and installing necessary security patches. As a part of server security, they install the security patches prior to your request.

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Upgrading, installing and maintaining the Hardware Components

Upgrading the hardware components is important for smooth performance. The hardware maintenance is also taken care of by the hosting company. They also replace the faulty hardware components within minutes from the time it has been reported. You can visit this link to know the key factors for choosing the best web hosting companies.