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The Traits Of Yorkies That You Should Know About

People buy or adopt a dog to have a companion in their lives that will make their lives better. However, there are dogs who are not as affectionate as the others. However, if they choose to go to shops that have yorkies for sale in Colorado, they will, surely, find a furry companion who will love to be with them always, for these beloved dogs, too, do not like if they are left alone.

Every breed has different personality traits, and have different physical tolerances. This means that some dogs prefer the cold weather, and some dogs have high tolerance for the areas where the weather is hot. However, these yorkies prefer to dwell in an environment where the climate is balanced, this means it is not too cold or hot, it is just lukewarm.

For people who have toddlers, or children who are still in the age of not having the consciousness of the consequences of their actions, it is not ideal for them to have these dogs. This is because these hounds can be easily irritated if the toddlers begin to tug at their tails or tease them. Therefore, they should look for a Golden retriever or other breeds that can handle the tugging.

Due to their size, these pooches are better living with older children. If parents still have children who are not aware about the respect that should be given to animals, then it is not wise for them to adopt this dog, or any kind of dog for that matter. If their kids have non-stop teasing, this can end up in accidents such as the dog biting their kid.

However, their older children will have a playmate that they can rely on. With the Yorkshire Terriers being highly energetic, these loved animals will play with their kids all day long. This can be a huge advantage for parents since they can give their children a reason to go out from their rooms and stop playing video games, and instead, spend time with their adored pets.

This type of terriers does not shed a lot. Indeed, a number of homeowners do not like the idea of having to clean their furniture, beds, and other stuff in their houses due to the presence of fur. Thankfully, with this pooch, they would not have to spend more time cleaning their residences since they would only see a small amount of fur in their belongings.

Some dogs can be really gluttonous of their food, and can gain weight a lot. However, the pooches have low potential in gaining weight. However, this does not mean that this breed will require less time in exercising. This is because, the same with human beings, dogs require exercise in order to be less prone to health issues.

Terriers are guard dogs, and they protect their owners and their territories. Therefore, for people who always hang out in places where several new people pass by, it would be better for them to choose another breed. It is due to the fact that this pooch has the personality trait of being suspicious to strangers, and will bark at them.